Wildlife & Drama Workshop – Watch the Film

Kicking off the first of our three creative activities, designed to appeal to new folks, we held the wildlife themed Drama Workshop 🎭 on Monday 29th July. This was an ambitious event working with a visiting Writer, Director, and Teacher, to devise and perform a piece of theatre in just 6 hours.

Devised theatre – collective creation – is a method of theatre-making in which the script or performance score originates from collaborative, often improvisatory work by a performing ensemble. Devising in drama demands inventiveness, an understanding of the rules of structuring a piece of theatre and a readiness to collaborate with others.

Everyone worked well together and took on board a lot of information about our local wildlife, the problems it faces, and how to help.
This information was then translated into the development of characters, a storyline, script, and a performance.

We hope you enjoy the performance 🌎 of Saving the World, Starting At Your Doorstep 🦔 They came up with a great piece of drama.

With many thanks indeed to the performers (in alphabetical order) Freddie, Hallam, Kader, Phoebe, and Rubi; Mark of A50 Theatre Co., Simone Chalkley, the Young Actors Company, and our funders for making the day, performance, and film possible.