Leaf bingo (free ‘nature detectives’ download from the Woodland Trust)

Leaf bingo (free ‘nature detectives’ download from the Woodland Trust).


How many different leaves can you
spot in nature?

Green, flat, long, small, spiky, curled,
lobed, yellow, large, nibbled, oval, brown

Print the game card, head outside
and play leaf bingo!

Just click on the orange link above.

Can you help The Woodland Trust spot one thing this month?

Can you help The Woodland Trust spot one thing this month?

Great tit

Great tit

During March, keep your eyes open for some of our favourite small birds beginning to breed: look for nesting behaviour in blue tits and great tits. For those of you who made nest boxes at the Community Centre in April last year and placed them in your garden, if you’ve not had visitors yet, this is the time of the year when the birds might start showing an interest. Help the Woodland Trust to monitor the birds’ nesting activity by following the link in orange above.

Blue tit

Blue tit

All instructions are given on their website. It would be great to see entries from Orchard Park. I’m watching great tits check out a nest box right now, one’s just gone in, lets hope they decide to use it!

It’s not too late if you haven’t got a nest box yet, act quickly, Cambridge Woodworks is a great source, they make nest boxes from reclaimed and recycled wood – www.cambridgewoodworks.org.uk

Tree pack being provided by the Woodland Trust

Delighted to inform that OP Wildlife Project’s application for a hedge starter pack from the Woodland Trust has been successful. The trees will be delivered in November and a date has been set with the local scout group to do the digging and planting. The tree plant and litter pick will contribute to one of their environmental awards. trees