Lizard Monitoring – 2016


Sorry to inform all who have been involved that we are no longer able to go onto the lizard habitat in Orchard Park to monitor them. Developers are to secure the site soon as it is likely an Apart/Hotel is being built there.

We hope to be able to work with the developer’s ecologists and provide our lizard location records to them. The lizards will be translocated, but we are not sure where to – whether there is sufficient space elsewhere in Orchard Park to create lizard habitat, or whether they’ll be taken from Orchard Park altogether we just don’t know.

Thank you to everyone who came to the training workshop to learn how to monitor, and to all who gave their time to look for them. Most of all thanks to Steven Allain and Mark Goodman of Cambridge and Peterborough Amphibian and Reptile Group. It was a successful and interesting ongoing activity for Orchard Park Wildlife Project which generated a lot of press interest, and we are sad it has come to an end that seems to be very premature to us – we believed there were no plans for the site to be developed.

We hope the lizards will thrive in their new home, wherever it may be.

If they or a proportion of the population are moved elsewhere in Orchard Park into habitat created for them, then we would be keen to monitor how they fare – there seems to be a dearth of UK herp translocation for development follow up studies reported in the literature.


This is the main page with all resources necessary for OP’s lizard monitoring activities. If you find something else that you think would be useful for everyone, please let me know and I’ll add it or a link 🙂


Please be aware that at the far end of the fence, the white hoarding surrounding a building plot has now fallen over – there are lots of nails sticking up, some are painted white and not easy to see, as I found out today when one went through my boot and into my foot. Fortunately it didn’t puncture my skin, I think I’ll just get away with a bruise. Another section of fence is balancing precariously and may soon fall over. I’ll inform the Orchard Park Community Council (again, I know they have contacted the developers) that this area is getting increasingly hazardous.


Map of Orchard Park Showing Location of Lizard Habitat

OP and map of areas for March activity

Monitoring Resources

Presentation by Steven Allain and Mark Goodman. How to monitor and identify Common Lizards

Map of Refugia (felt to look under for Lizards)


ID Guide by Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

CPARG Orchard Park Report

Calendar by week, to plan who will monitor and when please note this links to a read only version of the calendar. If you’re signed up to do lizard monitoring, you’ll be provided/will have a link to a version which you can edit for planning purposes.

Submit Records

Record one or more reptiles and amphibians at a single time and location.

Press Coverage

Everyone is Going Loopy for Lizards

Cambridge TV News Coverage 15 April

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Gardening for Reptiles and Amphibians

Dragons in Your Garden, by Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

Blog Posts about Orchard Park’s Lizards

Everyone is Going Loopy for Lizards

Can you spot the Lizards?

Looking for Lizards, Part 2. Calling Existing and Budding Biologists.

Post by Steven Allain on Orchard Park’s Lizards

Common Lizards confirmed at Orchard Park

Photos from Lizard Monitoring Workshop

‘Ere there be lots of (teeny weeny) Dragons: Zootoca vivipara – lots of photos

Post on CPARG Website by Ali North: Lizard Monitoring Begins at Orchard Park

Snaps of Two of Twenty Lizards Spotted on Sunday

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