Earth Optimism: David Attenborough in his Building and Cambridge Wide Wildlife Groups

We had lots of visitors to the Cambridge Wild stall on Saturday with many interesting conversations concerning such matters as the best locations for bug hotels, how to grow your own tomatoes and where and how to volunteer for wildlife activities. Importantly, we asked people to make a pledge to help wildlife and the environment. We hope everyone got their pledge passports stamped and counted at reception in the David Attenborough Building, and look forward to hearing how many positive actions were promised. The slogan for the event was: BECOME INSPIRED, LEAVE EMPOWERED Please do as you pledged 🙂

Orchard Park Wildlife Project enjoyed being there as part of Cambridge Wild, along with Cambridge Natural History Society; many thanks to Rebecca Jones and Monica Frisch from the respective organisations for setting up a great stall and inviting us along.


Snail Species Found in the OP Wildlife Area during the event with Cambridge University Zoology Museum

Eating the bird seed in my garden.

Eating the bird seed in my garden.

Alicia from Cambridge University Zoology Museum Outreach Department has been in contact to let us know the identifications from the batch of snail shells they collected with us in April at Orchard Park. Click on the links to learn more about each species from the The Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland and other authorities.

Cornu aspersum – Garden Snail –

Monarcha cantiana – Kentish Garden Snail –

Cochlicopa lubrica – Glossy Pillar Snail –

Oxychilus cellarius – Cellar Glass Snail –

Aegopinella nitidula – Smooth Glass Snail –

Cernuella virgata – Vineyard or Striped Snail –

 They’ve finished the count now and the artists Ackyrod and Harvey will be starting on the wall on the new Zoology Museum any time soon. They wanted 300 shells and they’ve got almost 3000 (!) to include in the installation which will provide new homes for urban wildlife –

Snail Trails

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Thanks so much to Alicia and Rosie from Cambridge University Museum of Zoology for yesterday’s informative and fun sessions. Thanks also to The Orchard Community Centre for hosting. We hope you enjoyed the sessions, and that we’ll see you at another event soon. The shells collected will be added to an artwork in the Museum of Zoology’s new building.