OP Environment Day

Many thanks indeed to the folks that joined us on Friday for Orchard Park Wildlife Project’s Environment Day, a chance to think about what we can all do to for our environment, wildlife, and neighbours. There were lots of passionate people with important messages to share. We had a steady trickle of folks throughout the day and most people that I spoke to said they’d found value in the day.

I’ve included a few photos. If you have any pics that you’re happy to share, please send them on and I’ll include them, with credit of course, in this blog post.

We had a spread of bread, dips, biscuits and drinks for people to share whilst they had a chance to meet their neighbours. It was lovely to hear families new to Orchard Park had learned a little about the community and each other #TheBigLunch

Spike/Horace (there are two names as a gender neutral one was chosen by the Cohousing community at Marmalade Lane, and the sculpture was conceived with the name Horace) the hedgehog created by Anna Roebuck Environmental and Recycling artist with help from community members is gorgeous, and will be happy and safe with the Marmalade Lane co-housing community, and be visible to Orchard Park residents and visitors –  symbolic as a reminder to look after our wildlife, habitats, and environment.

Thank you so very much again to all of the people that gave your time to set up and run the event. See below for extra information on:

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