A Session with the Beavers

On Friday evening Orchard Park Wildlife Project ran a session with the Beavers.

Everyone enjoyed the session, many thanks indeed to the Beavers and to Holly Freeman, of Orchard Park Wildlife Project for planning and organising all activities. 

We began with creating Top Trumps cards for local wildlife, then a short presentation on the animal life that can be found in Orchard Park, followed with a local wildlife themed ‘is this true or false’ quiz that involved lots of running around, and some tips on how to help our wildlife. Then we moved on to the creative part of the session – lumps of moulding clay were handed out so everyone could make an animal, and plates were decorated and folded to make a suitable habitat for each animal. Photos of the freshly made animals and habitats are below. If you notice any wonderful wildlife creations are missing, do send a photo to opwildlife@gmail.com and we’ll add them to this blog post.

The clay air dries to a lighter colour and it should be set and solid by now, though the creations can be a little fragile. Sadly Holly’s fabulous ‘here’s one I made earlier’ frog lost its front leg 😦

Since the session some of you have been adding other animals to your habitats. It was lovely to receive these photos from Amit Kakkar showing a whole range of new creatures filling their little home. 

Photo credit: Amit Kakkar
Photo credit: Amit Kakkar

We’ve got two more sessions planned for next year, these will be outside in the spring when the evenings are lighter. We look forward to them 🙂 

Photos taken during the session

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