Hedgehog No.7 is Back


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Hedgehog No.7 has now been released back into the Wildlife Area. PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB HER. She needs to get used to her surroundings before we open the hutch. She’s being fed and given water and is in a shady spot until dusk tonight when the hutch will be opened and she can leave if she’d like to. The hutch will stay there for a few days until she’s no longer using it.

She looks very well now, thanks to Kathleen’s care. Although her weight has only doubled, she looks three times as the size she was when found!

We’ve placed lots of anti litter notices and information about her over at the Wildlife Area. Please encourage your children using the skate park to respect the Wildlife Area and put litter in the bins provided. We heard reports this morning of hedgehogs with cans and cups stuck on their heads. It needs to stop, and now.

Litter at the Wildlife Area

I was angered to hear that litter is accumulating again at the Wildlife Area already, after our massive effort to clean it on Saturday.

The sick hedgehog found nearby will be released back there soon, now she’s a healthy weight, and the overnight temperature has reached the minimum required. We know there are several hedgehogs in the area, I’m wondering what else we can try now to try to keep them safe from the atrocious quantities of litter.

We’ve created some posters to place around the area and will put them up soon.

Meet the locals, give a bird family a home and contribute to conservation, whilst improving your own wellbeing. We’re nest box painting again 22 April 2018 13:00 at the Orchard Community Centre

We’re nest box painting again 22 April 2018 13:00 at the Orchard Community Centre as part of the April Fun Day 🙂

The blog post below provides details about why it’s helpful to put nest boxes up, which birds you’re likely to attract, and where to site them. Please ignore the information about the location of the event from last years post.



Come along to Unwin Square, in front of the shops, on 1st April from 10.00-14.00. Orchard Park Community Council are organising an Easter Fun Day, click here for more information via the OPCC Facebook page. It’s a great chance to meet local folks, or to come along with your neighbours if you already know them.

Orchard Park Community Council have very kindly offered to cover the costs of some nest box kits (donations are welcome to help recoup some of their costs) which you can decorate and place in your garden, next to your window or balcony, to provide homes for our feathered friends. These boxes are most likely to attract birds from the Tit family (Paridae). They’re gorgeous and energetic little things, a joy to watch in the garden.

As mentioned previously, watching birds has been proven to improve our health and wellbeing. One study by the…

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