State of the UK’s Birds 2017

Blackbird near Orchard Park Wildlife Area

Blackbird near Orchard Park Wildlife Area

A report released today by Hayhow et al. (2017) and published by the RSPB confirms that Starlings, which appear common in Orchard Park, are actually undergoing major declines nationally. The long term trend for 1970-2015 shows an 81% decrease in their abundance, and for the 1995-2015 period, a 51% decrease in abundance.

Other birds seen regularly in Orchard Park such as the Great Tit, Robin and Goldfinch are increasing in abundance. Blue Tit abundance has shown little change from 1995-2015. Populations of Dunnock, a little brown job that many people think are House Sparrows, have declined over the longer term period, but increased from 1995-2015.

The full report can be found at: State of UK Birds 2017

It’s important that we do what we can to help our local birds by feeding them through winter, and by providing shelter and water. For ideas see:

Recycled Bird Feeders

From the BTO: Garden BirdWatch preliminary results, and attracting birds in Autumn

helping wildlife

You can also contribute data to such surveys by being a citizen scientist and taking part in the RSPB’s next Big Garden Birdwatch 27-29 January 2018. Registration opens 13 December 2017. See: Big Garden Birdwatch 2018


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