Inder’s Kitchen – Curry for Community Good


The Inder’s Kitchen ‘Curry for Community Good’ programme

We’ve partnered with Inder’s Kitchen in Cambridge to raise funds for the Orchard Park Wildlife Project. What better way to raise money than by enjoying delicious curries from Inder’s frozen Indian ready meal range, delivered directly to you seven days a week?

‘If there was a Michelin Star for takeaways, Inder’s Kitchen would have one. Good cooking, great flavours.’ Charles Campion – BBC MasterChef judge and restaurant critic

Look out for us at the Orchard event on 29 October, we’ll be making apple chutney, and serving delicious dishes at the Orchard Park Christmas Fair on 3rd December.

Enjoy great meals and raise £10 for the Wildlife Project

 For your first order, Inder will donate £10, and then a further £2 each time you order again.

You’ll also get £5 off your first order.

The attractions of the Inder’s Kitchen frozen ready meal range are:

  • Great curries and great value (for starters, there’s no VAT on frozen food)
  • Healthy eating, with 85% of dishes containing fewer than 500 calories and 85% gluten free
  • £5 off all first orders
  • Convenient online ordering and next day delivery, nationwide

The Wildlife Project will benefit from the following:

  • £10 donation for every initial order
  • £2 donation for every repeat order

These donations are possible on direct orders from Inder’s Kitchen, as spreading the word this way means that Inder can donate money good causes, as opposed to spending it on expensive advertising.

Order online at, or call 01223 211 333. Use the promotional code CHR7PK2 to enable Inder and the team to track orders and pay donations.

Thank you. Happy eating!

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