OPWP at the Market, Unwin Sq, 14 May


Orchard Park Wildlife Project has a stall at the new market on Unwin Sq (outside the shops) on Saturday 14 May. We hope you’ll come along to have a browse at what the other stalls have on offer, and visit the Wildlife Project to see how we’re helping our local wildlife, and find out how you can get involved with our activities. Play Wildlife Bingo for your chance to win a full bird seed feeder to hang out for our feathered friends – I’ll have some printed copies of the bingo cards with wildlife, plants and a wildlife home in Orchard Park that you’ll need to mark off when you’ve spotted them. Otherwise you’ll be able to print a copy off by clicking here  on Saturday morning. Please return copies of your completed bingo cards to me by 2.00pm at the stall on Saturday and write your name and contact details on the back. In the event several people have spotted the same number of things, I’ll fold them up, put the forms in a bag, and select one at random. You’ll be able to claim your seed feeder from me, or the Community Centre, whichever is most convenient 🙂



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