Common Lizards confirmed at Orchard Park


On the edge of the site adjacent to the A14 in the morning sun


Checking the wood previously placed to attract lizards


Is there a lizard under there?


Spot the lizard basking in the sun

Additional photos from Geoff Morely of Transition Cambridge

Thanks so much to Geoff Morley, Steven Allain, and Mark Goodman for setting up the Transition Cambridge Wildlife Wander with Orchard Park Wildlife Project. The Wildlife Trust BCN had identified the area behind Topper St play area as good habitat for reptiles when they surveyed for the Orchard Park Habitats Management Plan, and suggested we survey there in August. Saturday morning’s weather turned out to be perfect, a relief after the cold and rain, we had a good turn out and between us we spotted eight Common Lizard adults, several basking on the fence in the sun warming up prior to activity. They’re gorgeous close up – see Jo Sinclair’s photo above posted in Cambridge Nature Community. Two juveniles were also seen, great news as it indicates they’re breeding at the site. Now we know they’re there, we’ll look into carrying out population estimates and hopefully monitoring as community activities.

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