BBQ in aid of Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital

Reminder about the event tomorrow ….


BBQ Poster ver 2 MH edit

Simon and Rose are neighbours to Orchard Park living just south of Kings Hedges Road. They became fascinated with hedgehogs when one began visiting their garden regularly last year. It appeared small so they fed it frequently before it disappeared to hibernate for the winter. Thankfully it survived the winter and still visits their garden. They’ve called it Benson. Simon and Rose are keen to help Benson and kin. As well as being wildlife friendly garden practitioners, they’re organising a BBQ at the Carlton Arms pub on 8th August – all proceeds will go to the excellent work at the Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital see: Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital

We’ll be promoting wildlife friendly gardening at the event.

There’ll be a raffle at the BBQ to win prizes such as a family river cruise on the canal boat ‘Rosie’ see: River Cruise

For more information contact:

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