Summer Safari Summary

We had a great turnout for the Orchard Park Summer Safari. Thanks to all who came along. Special thanks to Tim and Carol Inskipp for sharing their vast wildlife knowledge and identification skills, and to Agnes Toth from Sustrans who helped enormously with the organisation of this event and took the photos included in this post. Click on the photo above to see the photo album.

People who came along had a range of ages and interests, children seemed particularly enthralled by the little things especially ants.

The wildlife show wasn’t bad either. We’ll be adding the new species we saw to existing lists for Orchard Park and sending them to Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Environmental Records Centre (CPERC) who collate, manage and store data that describes biodiversity in the local area.

Given the current concern about bees in decline, it’s good to report we found six species of bee here: White tailed Bumblebee, Red tailed Bumblebee, Carder Bee, Buff tailed Bumblebee, Early Bumblebee and Garden Bumblebee. A range of birds including Rooks and Jackdaws from the Corvidae family, and back to the small things, Magpie Moths (album cover photo above), White Lipped Snails and Brown Lipped Snails, Cinnabar caterpillars, and Earwigs.

On the mammal front we weren’t disappointed – as well as seeing the large Hedgehog at the very end of the safari, we also saw bats at the far western side of the Wildlife Area again. We had the detector set to pick up Common Pipistrelles, however we all saw a bat which the detector didn’t pick up, indicating it might be another species, perhaps a Soprano Pipistrelle.

We’ll add a note on new plant records for Orchard Park shortly.

Our next event will be looking for lizards on 15th August – more on that in a moment.

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