Big Butterfly Count at the OP Summer Fiesta


Come along to the Orchard Park Wildlife Project stall at the Summer Fiesta tomorrow to take part in the Big Butterfly Count Citizen Science Project for your chance to win a goldfinch feeder full of nyjer seed ready to hang in your garden, balcony or window frame. The Big Butterfly Count was launched this morning by David Attenborough and Butterfly Conservation. The wildflower bank along Ring Fort Road, the wildflowers near the Orchard alongside the sports ground, or flowering plants at the edge of the Wildlife Area might be good places to do your count.

We have a limited number of printed ID sheets to bring to the event. However, if you could help by printing your own to bring then that would be very much appreciated – just click on the photo above to access the sheet to print. There is also an app which can be downloaded for you to count your sightings and submit your results on the day. If you don’t have access to a computer or smartphone use one of our printed sheets, record your location, and hand the form back to me to submit your results.

Once you’ve completed your count we will give you a ticket which will be entered into a draw for your chance to win a goldfinch feeder – we have two to give away.

All necessary information for the count along with other fun ideas for engaging with butterflies can be found at

We’ll also have some butterfly colouring sheets and dishes to decorate so you can put water or food out for the birds.

For other species we’ve got leaflets with ideas to be more wildlife friendly, and information on our Orchard Park Summer Safari event next Tuesday evening 21st July. I’m delighted we saw bats so close last night at the Wildlife Area and hoping they will show again on Tuesday.

Let the sun shine and see you tomorrow 🙂

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