Orchard Park Summer Safari 21st July @ 6.45pm

We’re very much looking forward to our Orchard Park wildlife wander, like a mini safari/bioblitz for suburban wildlife. It’s being organised in collaboration with Sustrans and Transition Cambridge – we thank them for their support.

We’ll stop to identify wildlife of interest on the way – Tim and Carol Inskipp have so much wildlife knowledge to share. Taking in a variety of habitats and moving from daylight to evening will increase the number of plants and animals we see. Bring binoculars and wildlife guides if you have them. We’ll record any new species we find and send them onto the Cambridge and Peterborough Environmental Record Centre.21 july safari moth bat FINAL

We will depart from outside The Orchard Community Centre, Central Avenue, CB4 2EZ at 6.45pm heading over to the far east side of Orchard Park where there are older hedges and trees – we saw a bird bashing a snail against a stone last night to successfully access its supper….

Next we’ll head to the area behind the Topper St play park with more older trees and hedges, plus grassland where we caught lots of spiders last year. We found a collared doves nest last night with two adults in one of the older trees.

We’ll head back past the Orchard Community Centre – have a brief look at the living roof, then onto the Circle along a route with lots of lavender and flowers for bees, plus bark chippings for beetles and a variety of trees..

From there we’ll head to the wild flower bank at Ring Fort Road which should be growing well again by then to look for more invertebrates, and a quick look in the Wildlife Area.

We’ll then cross over to look at and identify pre caught moths. Many moths are just as beautiful as butterflies when looked at close up.

After the moths we’ll have a short talk about bats before using a detector to see if we can find them in Orchard Park. Sunset is 9.07pm so we’ll detect just before and after dusk before ending around 9.45pm.

The end time is approximate. If you’d like to join us for part of the evening, please call 07902 454367 to find us.

2 thoughts on “Orchard Park Summer Safari 21st July @ 6.45pm

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    Final reminder about our event tomorrow. Weather is looking good, with warm temperatures which should help with invertebrates and bats… hope to see you there.

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