Citizen Science – get involved in our upcoming activities – bats, bioblitz and reptiles

We are planning our upcoming activities for June, July, and August. All have a citizen science theme – have a look at the five minute video which explains what citizen science is. Orchard Park Wildlife Project offers an opportunity to get involved in citizen science practically and on your doorstep. We are planning to collaborate with Transition Cambridge for these summer events. Keep an eye on the blog, Facebook page and @opwildlife twitter feed for date and time details once they’re determined.

In June, why not come along to the Wildlife Area to learn about local bat species, use a bat detector, and help us to determine whether the bat boxes there are being used? We’d like people to bring their cameras to film the boxes at dusk when the bats come out to feed – if you have a camera with a zoom that would be great. Then the citizen science part: take your footage home to watch in slow motion and let us know if you saw bats leaving or entering the bat boxes. We’ll provide detailed instructions nearer the time and on the night. If you don’t have a camera or computer, that’s not a problem, I’ll bring a couple of spare cameras and we can watch the footage.

In July we’d like to do a mini bioblitz – the video explains what this is – on a selected site at Orchard Park, perhaps at the area where the self build houses are planned.

In August, we’re planning a reptile survey in the Topper St area to determine if we have reptiles there, and if so what types.

We hope some of these activities will appeal to you. It would be great if these events are successful as a one off, but even better if we can arrange them to be ongoing for longer term monitoring purposes. All information collected will be sent to the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Environmental Records Centre (CPERC) which collates, manages and stores data that describe biodiversity in our local area.

2 thoughts on “Citizen Science – get involved in our upcoming activities – bats, bioblitz and reptiles

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