National Tree Week

29 November to 7 December is National Tree Week. Although OP Wildlife Project has not planned any planting activities for this week, we did plant trees in the Wildlife Area in November last year.

Identifying some of the plants.

Identifying some of the plants.

In March though, if our application to the Woodland Trust for a hedge tree pack is successful, and if we get the necessary permission to plant, we hope you’ll join us in planting to fill the gaps in the hedges around OP.

The Woodland Trust has created a guide to identifying our native British trees, and their importance to wildlife. Take a look at:

Make a winter bird bath


Now we’re close to getting frosts, here’s an idea to keep water for a bird bath liquid so our feathered friends can keep clean and have a drink during the winter months.

We’re organising an event for 11th January to take care of the wildlife area – help OP Wildlife Project make the wildlife area more of a winter wonderland for wildlife and less of a rubbish tip – check the website, Twitter feed, and Facebook for more details, we’ll also put information on Inside Orchard Park Facebook page.

OPWP features as a Little Brilliant Thing on the Do Something Brilliant website

OPWP features as a Little Brilliant Thing on the Do Something Brilliant website – for a limited time OPWP is being promoted on the homepage of the Do Something Brilliant Website. The website wants to inspire people to do little things that make a big difference.

Screen grab from Do Something Brilliant Website

Screen grab from Do Something Brilliant Website

Food Chains and Food Webs


Next Monday 10th November the wildlife project is running a session on food chains and food webs at the community centre. It will be a Science Key Stage 2 class for a group of home school children.

We’ll be looking at animals and plants from Orchard Park and beyond, playing food chain games, and looking at what it’s like to live life as a bat!

Sorry this is a closed session and all places are taken.