Slugs, snails, spiders and bats – all you need for Halloween wildlife activities


Although the origins of Halloween in the UK seem far from certain with Celtic, Roman, Christian, and Pagan traditions all being thought to have contributed to the tradition, the symbols of Halloween have long included animals: spiders, bats, and black cats.

If you want to do some free Halloween themed activities with the kids follow the links below, slugs and snails have been added to the mix….

Understand Spider Behaviour

Learn about Cambridgeshire’s Bats

We hope to get a bat detector so that we can see if any bats are using the bat boxes over at the wildlife area, this could be a community activity.

Identify Common Slugs and Snails

Do let us know what you find, we can share your photos on the blog if you send them to

Autumn activities

As the nights and autumn draw in, and Halloween is nearly here, check out the ‘Nature Detectives’ website for a range of seasonally themed activities. Although we don’t have woodland in Orchard Park, several of the activities are adaptable to do in our local environment.


Leaves on hedges and trees turning golden at the Ring Fort Road play area and sports ground

Orchard Park Wildlife Project will be organising an activity for autumn/winter soon, we are awaiting our Orchard Park Management Plan being prepared especially for us by the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Northamptonshire. It will have a range of practical activities which we can all join in on to maintain and enhance our local habitats for wildlife.

Autumn and all things hedgehog

Photo credit: Hedgehog Street

Photo credit: Hedgehog Street

Although I have not seen any hedgehogs in Orchard Park, I’ve heard a number of people have seen them around The Circle area. Autumn is an important time for them as they get ready to hibernate. Please remember to check for hedgehogs in bonfires before you light fires….

Click the link here for all things hedgehog:

Click the link here for an A to Z of helping hedgehogs in autumn prepared by Hedgehog Street: hedgehog_st_fact_sheet_final

Animal Adaptations

Last Monday, 29 September, Orchard Park Wildlife Project ran a Key Stage 2 session for a group of home school children. We looked at how animals are adapted to their habitats through outdoor exploration of Orchard Park habitats and the minibeast wildlife that live in them. We also examined live pond creatures including newts and sticklebacks to identify their adaptations to pond life, and played an interactive owl game. Thanks to all the children and parents who came along and enjoyed the session. Carol Inskipp planned and ran the session, and Tim Inskipp provided pond creatures, microscopes, wildlife expertise and more – both donated their valuable time and knowledge – thank you so much. Zahira kindly provided the photographs.

children backs and carol copy

Pond creatures

Pond creatures

Autumn activities from Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust

autumn leaves

Photo credit: Wildlife Trust BCN/Wildlife Watch

From Wildlife Trust BCN pinterest: Autumnal delights

The season of mists, rich colour and mellow fruitfulness is a wonderful time visit one of our nature reserves. Click on the link below for more information and autumn activity ideas you can adapt to do in Orchard Park