Buzzing with bees


It’s great to have a hedge buzzing with bees. I’ve just reported these Yellow and Black Bumblebees on The Great British Bee Count website.

You can record your bees at: or download the free app

The website and app help you to identify them. They’re not out there trying to sting you and if you act calmly they’ll just carry on doing their business and leave you alone..

Cambridge News launches campaign for local wiildlife

Cambridge News launched a new campaign for local wildlife today. Keep a look out in the paper and on their website for wildlife friendly activities over the next few weeks.

Activities for International Insect Week


Wild flowers, a great way to attract insects to your garden

Wild flowers, a great way to attract insects to your garden

Activities for International Insect Week Click the link for info from the RHS on attracting wildlife to your garden.

This week is National Insect Week. From the RHS: Over the past 50 years declines have been noted in many groups of British insects, including those that visit flowers. These include some common butterflies, moths, hoverflies and bees.

Gardens are very important for insects. If a few of us in OP can make our gardens more friendly for insects, together, their contribution can be significant. We’ll be promoting more wildlife gardening ideas with help from the Wildlife Trust soon.