Finally, a good picture of a goldfinch

good goldfinch

Although this is a good picture because it’s the first I’ve been able to take outside and not through my streaky windows, I’m not sure all is well with this bird. All of the other goldfinches I’ve tried to photograph are very alert and fly away at the first sign of me going outside to try to take a picture. This one has been at the feeder a couple of times that I’ve noticed today, and it is not as aware of its surroundings and is not as skittish as the others. I hope it’s OK and that readily available food might be helpful to it, if it’s unwell.

Sadly I found the bird dead under the feeder on Monday 😦 I’ve cleaned all my feeders in a very very mild bleach solution with a dash of environmentally friendly washing up liquid, then rinsed everything several times in clear cold water to ensure all traces of chemicals were removed. Bacteria and viruses can spread in areas where a lot of birds congregate.

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