Next wildlife area activity, open to all, 12th April..

A reminder about the wildlife event this weekend. We’d love to see you there, come rain or shine, for however long you’re available. Please note in case of very bad weather, the event may be shortened. We’ll have tools available, but if you have a spade and/or trowel that you could bring along, that would be helpful. It will be a fun and informative event.

small event poster

Puffed up starling

starling feather close up

starling feather close up

puffed up starling

I saw this character sitting on top of the feeding station earlier today. Starlings are quite beautiful when you can see their iridescent sheen. This one appeared extra interesting as it puffed up its feathers.

Starlings are in decline and could do with a little extra help, as mentioned in a previous post, they don’t seem to be fussy eaters and so might benefit from any food put out in gardens.

See the RSPB website for extra information on starlings

The results from the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch are in

Click on the link above to go to the RSPB’s website and the results. Starlings, which are in decline, have been quite common in Orchard Park. I usually get one or two visitors each day.They don’t seem to be fussy eaters so will benefit from any food you provide for them, although suet cake seems a favourite of their’s in my garden.

Regular new visitors



Very happy to have regular visits from goldfinch now. The feeder full of nyjer seed, especially for goldfinches, has been up for about 18 months but I’ve seen only two or three in most of that time. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had regular visits from two, sometimes three goldfinches at the same time… This pic isn’t the best, I’ll try to get a better one.

Update on nest boxes

It’s great to get an update on nest box use from OP residents. In April last year many people joined the Wildlife Project at the community centre to make nest boxes kindly purchased by the OP community council. Here’s a robin nest box made at the event in an OP garden, with a potentially resident robimagein sitting on top of the seed feeder stand. Thanks to Kate for the photo.

Can you help The Woodland Trust spot one thing this month?

Can you help The Woodland Trust spot one thing this month?

Great tit

Great tit

During March, keep your eyes open for some of our favourite small birds beginning to breed: look for nesting behaviour in blue tits and great tits. For those of you who made nest boxes at the Community Centre in April last year and placed them in your garden, if you’ve not had visitors yet, this is the time of the year when the birds might start showing an interest. Help the Woodland Trust to monitor the birds’ nesting activity by following the link in orange above.

Blue tit

Blue tit

All instructions are given on their website. It would be great to see entries from Orchard Park. I’m watching great tits check out a nest box right now, one’s just gone in, lets hope they decide to use it!

It’s not too late if you haven’t got a nest box yet, act quickly, Cambridge Woodworks is a great source, they make nest boxes from reclaimed and recycled wood –