The Pond and Raised bed


The pond bought for me as a birthday present and made from reclaimed materials was installed about 8 months ago by Cambridge Wood Works It has been allowed to fill with rain water as tap water contains something called chloromine, it is used to disinfect water, and may well be toxic to amphibians. Now that there is a reasonable amount of water in it, friends have kindly installed oxygenating plants. I’ve put a frog ladder on the outside and need to install features so that if I am lucky enough to get amphibians, they’ll be able to get out of the water if they can’t use plants to do so. I’ve planted around the base of the pond in the hope that as the plants establish, the liner will become less visible. The raised bed has been stripped of plants for the winter, but I’m looking forward to planting it up again in the spring. It’s a good sense of achievement to be able to make a meal from ingredients I’ve grown organically.


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