From the RSPB: how well do you know your robins?

Robin taken in my garden last winter.

Despite their appealing looks and cute demeanour, robins are feisty birds which often fight between themselves and are aggressive to other birds, particularly around food.

Both male and female robins are territorial in winter, and both can sing to repel would-be invaders.

Though people often report the return, year after year, of their loyal garden bird, the average robin lives for two years. But the longest-lived UK robin on record survived for more than eight years.

Robins and Christmas probably go back to when our posties wore red coats and were nicknamed robins.

Most of our robins don’t move far from the place where they hatched. But a few of our birds head south for winter and ringed robins from the UK have been found in France and Spain. And birds from Scandinavia and eastern Europe may join us here for the cold months.

Happy Christmas from the Orchard Park Wildlife Project. I hope there will be lots of activities people can join in next year. Thanks to everyone who has done something for the wildlife of Orchard Park in 2013.


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