Litter at the Wildlife Area

On Friday 11th October, the 1st Cambridge (Orchard Park) Scout Group are doing a litter pick and recycle in and around the wildlife area, it would be good if people would use the litter bins provided, rather than dropping things.

This will be very helpful to wildlife and pets. The RSPCA state “Annually, the RSPCA receives over 7,000 phone calls about litter-related incidents and our officers regularly rescue pets, farm and wild animals trapped or hurt by discarded litter.” Some examples include “a badger cub with a plastic can holder embedded in its neck, a cat that lacerated the footpad of its paw on some broken glass, and a hedgehog that got its head wedged in an empty carrot tin.”

Additionally, the Wildlife Trust notes “yoghurt cartons can trap inquisitive hedgehogs who move into the carton attracted by the remains, but then – because of their prickles – cannot move backwards to get out and discarded plastic loops which originally held drinks cans together can catch and kill hedgehogs and other small mammals. One way to avoid this is to cut the plastic loops before they are discarded.”

We’ve had confirmation of hedgehogs over at the wildlife area.

More info can be obtained at:

Litter around the wildlife area

Litter around the wildlife area



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