From RSPB: Give nature a home where you live


If there’s no home for nature, there’s no nature. Homes are where we eat, where we sleep, and where we bring up our families. It’s just the same for birds and wildlife.

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Neighbourhood nature

A great, free course from the Open University to help people brush up on skills and knowledge. As an Open Uni student, I’d definitely recommend their course.

I’ve had magpies, pigeons, collared doves, and great tits feeding in the garden today. I’ve also been delighted to have visits from goldfinches over the last few weeks.

As well as the insect home made at the event at the Community Centre in April, for our pollinators, I’ve just been given a bee home by a couple of good friends. I need to do some reading to determine the best place to locate it. I’ll take a snap and post it over the weekend.

The pond liner is now in place, but I’m reluctant to fill it with tap water. It’s forecast for rain over the weekend, so we’ll see how far it gets filled then….