Cambridge WoodWorks installing raised bed and pond in garden

Photo Credit: Cambridge WoodWorks

Photo Credit: Cambridge WoodWorks

CWW came to install my raised bed and pond today. It’s made out of reclaimed wood.  I’m looking forward to growing things, and finding some plants for the pond. I’ve got a small waterproof camera and I’ll be seeing what’s in the pond to film in summer.


3 thoughts on “Cambridge WoodWorks installing raised bed and pond in garden

    • Hi there, happy new year to all at CWW! The pond has taken a while to fill, I’ve been waiting for it to fill with rainwater and unfortunately haven’t been able to get my water butt installed. However, just before Christmas the pond was finally three-quarters full and friends kindly installed some oxygenating plants for me. The raised bed was a success – I grew tomatoes, lettuce and lots of kale. It’s great that it’s double height and I can tend to it without bending. I’m looking forward to planting it up again in the spring. I’ll take some photos of the pond in a couple of days time and send them to you. I’ve put a frog ladder on the outside of the pond, but I need an additional feature inside to so things can get out. Good to hear from you and thanks for asking 🙂

      • Glad to hear that it’s worked out! We’re sending out an email newsletter in the near future featuring (amongst other projects) raised beds and wanted to hear the experiences of those who have had them installed. Keep us posted!

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